TLDR: this is a story about how I am dumb and bought the wrong books, but was able to make some money back using booksrun. In addition, I can make even more money by selling back old undergrad textbooks. Check them out! https://booksrun.com/?afk=3356

books school stacked closed
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have you ever wasted $100 … what about $200? Well I have. Not once, but TWICE now I have bought the wrong books for Law School and I have only been here for 4 days. Sad I know.

The first time was not my fault I swear. I ordered a book through Amazon for my Civil Procedure course, I saw that the paperback version of the text was phenomenally, I’m talking over $100, cheaper so I decided to buy that (as any savvy student would do). I didn’t notice until I tried to read the text that it was actually the supplement and not the casebook. Luckily Amazon took the book back no questions asked and I had to fork over $160 for the correct book.

My trouble doesn’t end there, no no no. I was doing my Lawyering/Writing and Research class assignment and noticed the exercise from the text I was doing did not match my friends. After a few minutes we figured out I had bought the 6th edition of the book, but we needed the 4th edition. This book cost me $100 on Amazon and came with a code to unlock the ebook. Because I had already used the code, there was no returning it. Crushed, I looked up the price of the correct book and it was MORE expensive! WHY! After a night of frustration over losing $100 on a useless book, I stumbled upon booksrun.com.

Booksrun has the best buyback prices and could not be easier. I simply typed in my textbook, selected the condition (I used “very good” because I had used the code it was no longer “new”), and press SELL. They give you a slip to print out, tape to a box with your book inside, and drop it off at the post office. I managed to get $50 for the book. While half the value may seem like a bad deal. Other sell back sites like Amazon were only offering me $4. Chegg offered $15. This was the best deal and I ran with it. If you or anyone you know needs to sell a textbook, I recommend booksrun. Check out the link below to sell back your books!


In addition to selling, you can also buy textbooks at cheaper prices, check them out! As an affiliate with booksrun I can earn based on qualified purchases.


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